CCTV High Definition range

New CCTV High Definition range now available from White Security Systems.

At long last, Vista have just recently showcased their new HD range CCTV products at the IFSEC 2011 show, including cameras-static or PTZ domes, DVR’S and HDMI monitors.

All the equipment will be capable of delivering high definition in 4.3 or 16.9 (widescreen) formats. Vista HD CCTV products can be used to deliver HD CCTV over i.p (cat 5 new or existing), or down conventional coaxial cable networks using proven HD SDi technology from the broadcasting industry.

“Vista’s portfolio of 1080p HD CCTV products provide a comprehensive platform for customers considering the deployment of i.p or coaxial borne HD imaging”, says Mark Pritchard, Vista’s divisional director. “The capability of this new equipment can provide the potential to accurately identify suspects and achieve successful convictions”.

If any of these notes have you asking yourself why you should go down this route with your CCTV then please call today and we would be glad to help.

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