Paxton Access Control equipment

New Paxton Access Control equipment offers you that bit more!

“Open a door from anywhere with Paxton’s new Net2 caller i.d”.

For use in conjunction with Paxton’s Net2 p.c based systems, the new Net2 caller i.d reader enables a door to be opened remotley, using a mobile phone as a key/fob.

Comms via a mobile phone or landline, an existing Net2 reader will accept a call from a phone in the same way it would a key/fob being presented, to grant access accordingly.

Using the Net2 caller i.d reader users can open a door at even the most remote of sites, and from any location without having to be physically present to swipe a key/fob.

Once a users phone has been registered as a token, a landline number can be registered to call from, to suit the individual needs of the user, and without incurring call charges – using Paxton’s caller i.d (CLID) technology.

The Net2 caller i.d reader offers extra convenience when securing remote or infrequently visited sites,gates/car park barriers, and communal entrances; to open up great opportunities for sites that already employ networked access control.

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